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Italy has more than one third of artistic, archeological and cultural monuments in the world.

The area extends from the Gulf of Naples along the Amalfi Coast, the band embraces thousands of years of history by offering the possibility of organizing guided tours immersed in places where the knowledge of the past allows you to rediscover traditions and customs of the past.

Greek ruins, Roman city, luxurious villas and rich museums are just a few ideas to discover the whole region whose natural beauty come together in an unbreakable bond with its history.

Capri, Sorrento and their Roman Villas challenging, fearless, time and modernity of today's villas.

Pompeii and Herculaneum, the witness of the excesses of the Romans, their ingenuity and their opulence that, despite everything, it resists the proud and tenacious race against time and neglect.

Positano, a lovely, lush vegetation and unique in its architecture which is reflected in the crystal clear sea in front, vainly aware that the most precious gem.

Amalfi, the cradle of seafaring wisdom of his ancestors and is still thriving international company.

Paestum ancient Greece, clear evidence of the passage of the most aristocratic and intellectual culture of the past, people saw in this land thousands of years ago that today millions of visitors each year, yet they admire.

Lots of history does not preclude the possibility of wine tours and tastings along routes to regional products such as wine routes in the provinces of Avellino, Benevento and Salerno or between multiple dairy farms near Caserta and Naples.

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Holiday apartment Kamara Positano

Casa Positano is located in the oldest part of Positano, its origin is lost in time, old documents prove that this area was created in the 12th century. Casa Positano is fabulous place, carefully furnished. Its caracteristic is religious decorations like votive images, marbles and arches of great value....


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