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The Romans, always sensitive to the beauties of nature, had built luxury homes here, including a newly discovered during the restoration of the crypt and the tower of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which was made to become a museum as well as an interesting archaeological site.
Saracen pirates during one of their many raids along the ancient maritime republic of Amalfi, left in Positano indelible traces of their passage in the local.

A legend says that in the twelfth century AD, a Byzantine ship carrying a picture of the Madonna, was plowing the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The total lack of wind did not permit the ship to sail again, when sailors heard a voice coming from the painting of the Virgin Mary, who said, "drop it, drop it". So they approached the shore. The painting of the Virgin was collected and brought into the Church of St. Vito, left it there, but in the morning miraculously disappeared and this was found near the sea, on top of a tree of "myrtle" (blueberries).

For years a small fishing village, which has become a refuge for exiles 40/50 war German and Russian artists and writers; destination and home to artists, intellectuals, actors and directors from all over the world, the wild beauty of Positano was for years jealously guarded, pictured, praised, who by their presence, however, perhaps quite unconsciously, were contributing to the creation of the myth of the Amalfitan Coast.

From the 60's more and more of the jet-setters have been fascinated by the uniqueness of this little gem, inhabited by the way by simple and genuine people. Famous artists such as Stefan Andres, John Ivan Zagoruiko, Ibrahim Kodra, John Steinbeck (Nobel laureate for literature), Franco Zeffirelli, Leonide Massine, Rudolf Nureyev, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky (seduced by the charm of the island of Li Galli), Jaqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna over the past year, Denzel Washington, Justin Timberlake, have succeeded, some have lived there and others have often returned, but all bound by a particular feeling for Positano and Positanesi.

Seen from the sea, is a group of houses perched on steep wall, one on top of the other and together they form a sort of pyramid, that's why it's also called the vertical city. The pastel colors typical of the coast make it alive and happy.

Positano is dominated by the nearby Lattari from which you can also see Capri and Punta Licosa.

A short distance from the famous Spiaggia Grande, you can see three small islands called "Li Galli" (Gallo Lungo, Rotonda and Castelluccio), legendary home of the sirens, but in the recent past the home of dancers and choreographers.

Positano IS ...a succession of narrow pedestrian streets that delights tourists, colorful bougainvillea climb up the mountains and the facades of houses, the lemon groves that scent the air and intoxicate the palate, create an atmosphere full of charm and worldliness.

Known in the world thanks to local production of the famous clothing and linen pants, which 60 years were also made to measure within an hour by the expert hands of the first boutique / couture boutique in the country such as Mary, the precursor of the famous Fashion Positano. Limoncello, handmade sandals, the ceramic art...are just other characteristics of local production.

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